Frequently Asked Questions

What are your water parameters?

At Red Canyon Reefs we strive to maintain the following water parameters: Salanity: 1.025 Temperature: 78 DKH:9 Calcium:450 Magnesium:1350 Phosphate: .05 Nitrate: 10 PH: 8.3 *Please note there are multiple systems with different livestock. This is the target goal we aim for; it is a moving target.

What lights do you use?

Red Canyon Reefs prefers hybrid lighting sytems.T5 (Blue +/ Actinic bulbs) and Actinic Reef Brite strips are our favorite combination, but we do employ Hydra 26 and T5 combos, Hydra 64 only and Radion G5 Blue only systems. We enjoy having the abilty to place corals in a light that compliments their health best.

What PAR level do you keep your corals at?

Red Canyon Reefs utiilzes an Apogee MQ 510 PAR meter to measure PAR on all our systems. LPS 60-150 depending on the specific coral and SPS 250-350 depending on the specific coral. We always recommend acclimating your coral to your lighting conditions. We do offer PAR readings for locals in the Las Vegas area.

Do you ship?

We are setting up shipping arrangements as we speak. For now, we offer local pick up in Las Vegas.